The Woolf Family is committed to passing their farm and facilities from one generation to the next in bigger and better shape than it was received.

We continuously evaluate new technologies and review our farming practices to determine which technologies can be applied to agriculture. Constant vigilance over energy-saving practices and focus on reduced input farming ensures that Woolf Farming & Processing will continue to produce more food with less.

New Farming Practices




Incentive Practices

Current efforts underway include: standardized bed widths with buried drip irrigation.  This allows us to better manage our land, making fewer tractor passes while improving overall water efficiency.  We’re also taking a closer look at the amount of fruit that is being lost during tomato harvest…and reducing it.  New sensors will allow us to better measure water content in our soils.  Improved measurement leads to improved management.  GPS is used throughout the operation to maximize accuracy in the field.  What we could really use…are accurate yield monitors to cross reference field maps, soil maps and irrigation systems.  We will continue to adopt new technology and practices as part of a culture of perpetual process improvement.  


Farmers and food processors consume a great deal of energy.  Whether its diesel in the tractors, gas in the trucks, natural gas in the boilers or electricity powering the wells, lights and processing machinery…we have large energy demands.  We have tried to offset some of this demand by investing in solar power.  We would like to find a way to use the large amount of biomass we produce every year to also help meet our needs.  Our almond processing facility generates thousands of tons of almond shells.  Even more tons are generated from the annual pruning of our vineyards and orchards.  While we have yet to establish a way to turn these byproducts into usable energy…it has our attention.  


We reward good behavior!  Employees participate in an annual bonus program tied to measures of yield increase and savings of resources.  Our team members benefit most when we are successfully producing more with less.  We are also establishing a program to reward employees for driving innovation.  Innovative team members will enjoy cash rewards for ideas and practices we adopt.