The Woolf Family

Woolf Farming is a family-owned business committed to producing more with less while improving the land they farm.

 Jack Woolf started farming for others on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley after returning from WWII. When he and his family founded Woolf Farming in 1974, he sought to move away from the region’s traditional crop rotation of grains, cotton & melons to higher valued specialty crops that are well suited for the area. These crops include almonds, processing tomatoes, pistachios, garlic and more. Continual reinvestment in land, water infrastructure, and innovation,  has allowed the Woolfs to successfully expand their operations.
In addition to the business "family", Woolf Farming and Processing now includes three generations of Woolfs. The business includes Woolf Farming team members, neighbors, partners, customers, growers, and their surrounding communities