Jack Woolf came to the Central Valley in the late 1940's.  He spent many years managing large ranches growing a variety of crops on the varying soils and water conditions present in the Valley.  Read more...


Water is the most precious natural resource we have in the San Joaquin Valley.  Before the California Aqueduct was built the Valley’s major crops were cotton and small grains. Completing the California Aqueduct meant farmers were able to plant multiyear crops, which tend to be of higher nutrient content and higher cash value. 


We farm, process and deliver safe, nutritious products to the food chain.

Our goal is to build an enduring family business upon the simple notion of feeding more people with fewer resources. We will achieve this through good stewardship, reinvestment and innovation.

Harris Woolf Almonds

Where Quality and Integrity come “Naturally”

As a grower-owned handler, HWA maintains close control over quality, supply and traceability of all products through the system, from the tree to your warehouse.  

Los Gatos Tomato

Bringing you high quality tomato paste, produced to your specifications
Los Gatos Tomato Products has earned a reputation for our commitment to quality, flavor, and service. From planting through processing we’re concentrating quality.

Coastal Green

We're serving it up and we're serving it up fresh, delicious and nutritious!
Coastal Green Vegetable Company, a business at the vanguard of vegetable processing, produces broccoli, cauliflower, Fordhook lima beans, and bell peppers with an emphesis on quality and competitive pricing.

Feeding the World

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