Mutually Beneficial and Productive Partnerships

Vertically integrated in agriculture. Based on the desire for greater responsibility and impact in the food chain, Woolf has made strategic investments in the following related businesses:

Harris Woolf Almonds
Harris Woolf Almonds is a grower-owned processor of natural almonds and value-added almond products like almond paste, almond butter, almond protein powder and sweet almond oil.

Los Gatos Tomato Products
Los Gatos is a grower-owned processor of high-quality tomato products, turning ripe flavorful tomatoes into paste for use in ketchup, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, juice and more.

Cal-West Rain
Cal-West Rain is a single-source irrigation and pump company. For more than three decades, the company has provided top-quality irrigation design and installation as well as comprehensive pump design and implementation.