Farming with a Commitment to Sustainability

Woolf Farming is committed to sustainable farming practices. As stewards of land in California’s Central Valley, we take very seriously our obligation to manage the region’s natural resources sustainably. This includes initiatives focused on many key areas:


The San Joaquin Valley averages over 300 days of sunshine per year. In addition to leveraging that energy to nurture healthy crops, we capture it with solar arrays to power our operations. We have a number of systems online today that help power our operations and an industrial scale development portfolio with over 300 megawatts that will provide the region with clean energy for years to come. Once fully developed, these solar arrays will make our collective operations net carbon neutral.


Water is our limiting resource and we have always managed this resource with great care and precision. Beyond substantial investments in drip irrigation, sensors, drones and automation, we partnered with neighboring growers to create one of the largest private groundwater recharge projects in the State – the Arroyo Pasajero Mutual Water Company.

Pollinator Health

Bees and other pollinators play an irreplaceable role in the vitality of crops and ecosystems in general. We work closely with both the Xerces Society and Pollinator Partnerships to certify that our orchards are bee friendly. By planting native pollinators and utilizing bee friendly farming practices, we help bees and other pollinators thrive.

B Corp Certification

Farming for good. Being a Certified B Corporation means that we use the power of business to help our community and protect our environment. We have been doing this work since the day Jack Woolf started the company in 1974, and thanks to our B Corp Certification, we’re able to track our progress over time.